Hemispherian is delighted to announce its first granted patent

March 31, 2021

Hemispherian AS (“Hemispherian” or the “Company”), a Norwegian preclinical pharmaceutical company focused on epigenetic therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, today announced that the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has granted the company’s first patent, which covers a family of small molecule drugs effective against a broad range of cancers.

The patent covers the use of compounds from the GLIX family in cancer treatment or prevention alone or in combination with one or more further anticancer agents. It was filed in February 2019 and it will therefore offer exclusivity until February 2039. This new patent is owned by Hemispherian and all the inventors are now part of the executive team of the Company.

“We are extremely pleased that the UKIPO has granted the patent. This is the culmination of a decade of academic research and development. This newly granted patent is a cornerstone in Hemispherian’s IP strategy aiming to produce a range of cancer drugs targeting an entirely new mechanism of action.”

— Dr. Adam Robertson, Chief Scientific Officer

About Hemispherian AS

Hemispherian is an innovative pharmaceutical company focused on developing a novel class of small molecule drugs (GLIX) that target the TET2 enzyme as an epigenetic therapy for particularly aggressive cancers. The company’s lead compound, GLIX1, is currently in late stage preclinical development for glioblastoma multiforme, a deadly cancer of the central nervous system and the leading cause of death by disease in children. Hemispherian is further focused on developing a companion diagnostics tool to support patient selection for optimal therapeutic response to GLIX1. Hemispherian is based in Oslo, Norway. For more information, visit www.hemispherian.com.

Zeno Albisser, CEO
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